A Proper Maintenance of Fur Coat

The winter is here! And I’m sure that you started to wear your warm coats, gloves and hats. Yes, there is no snow, but it is very cold outside. Most of you ladies like fur coats, right? Yes, they look great on you and they are very warm. But I’m not sure that most of you know how to clean them. Yes, it is very easy to take it to dry cleaners, but when something emergency happens, you have to know what to do. Shortly, I will show you how to enjoy wearing your fur coat.

Of course, if you don’t use it very often, it is not necessary to clean it every month. Once per year is fine.

It is cold and wet outside. And you can’t keep your coat dry. When you come back at home, do not dry it with the drier. Cleaning Sydney suggests to let it dry by itself.

Another way to “protect” the fur is when you make enough space in the wardrobe. That kind of clothes need more free space around them. And remember, it is not recommended using a wood hanger. Use always a plastic one.

Most of the coats are long and you have used to sit on it. If you want to wear it longer, avoid this habit. Bacteria are all around us and you risk to crush it.
Accidentally, you have spilled something on it? Clean it with cold water, immediately. But not the whole coat, just the stain. Again, let it dry by itself.

Cleaning services Sydney provide some good tips about how to storage it.

- it is good to keep it in a cold place, otherwise there is a chance to ruin the fur.

- do not put it in the wardrobe, if it is wet. It is good to dry it before that.

- brush it with your fingers, do not use brushes.

I think, you know that your fur coat needs special treatment. Every person, who wants to have and wear it, it is supposed to be ready to pay a special attention about it.

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