A Place You Belong To

It’s funny how from all that moving, that each and every one of us has to pass through sometime, can prevent us from seeing the one place, that we truly belong to. Caught up in the life routine can cause a person to be blind to simple truths. Unfortunately, to be able to see these truths come out, a person has to go amiss and learn his lesson.

Where that place is is a good question to ask. How about if I tell you that the world is that place, would you believe me then? Some would think this is too generally spoken of. Come to understand that you and no one else, only you set boundaries to yourself. The potential within you has always been there. You just have to find a way to unchain it.

A lot of people have tried to do this by improving themselves, by thinking that because they are mistaken about something, they should change. That is partly true but it won’t do you any good when in pursue of the truth. The truth is that you need to open your eyes people. By now you have been looking upon the world too generally.

Go ahead and find a man and a van in London, when searching for that place. Try as you might, the only place you can find what you are looking for is inside your hearth. Dig deep inside and listen to what it has to say, then follow it. I can not tell you how this can be done. Only you have the answer to that. Again, go ahead and ask yourself, right now where you stand, what you can call home.

Mirror reflection to that concept is how people react. Completely understandable. Denial is the most forecaster of human reactions. However, the choice is still yours. Nobody has the right to keep you imprisoned, preventing you from doing what you believe is right. Going back to the man van London, it is possible to find something great, some place that suits you in almost every desirable way.

At the end you are left with the choice: follow your hearth and let it guide you to whatever it desires or listen to common sense and find your way through this ridiculous maze we call “the modern world”. All a question of character, which is what makes us all different and colourful.

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