A Little Advice on Cleaning Suede and Keeping it New

You bought your new suede sofa or armchair and you’re thinking, “How in the world will I keep that clean and good looking?”. Here is an easy guide of how to treat such delicate fabric.

First thing to know is that you always can turn to a cleaning company London, to save you the time and the troubles of dealing with your furniture. But if you want to do it on your own, here goes nothing.

You’re out of the store with your new acquisition and you’re very happy with it, but keep in mind where you put it. Sunlight exposure is very bad for this kind of fabric. You have to be very careful on where you situate your suede furniture. Avoid places where there is sunlight most of the day. Why? Well, because the colours will quickly fade and your new sofa will look “old” in a matter of days. Also, always watch out if there are heating systems close by. You have to put it at least one meter ( 3 feet) away from heating vents, radiators or fire. It will be best to keep it out of rooms that are the main thoroughfare in the house. That way you can save it from cats, kids or other things that can jump on it, or scratch it.

Now your new furniture is in its right place. But here comes the question of how to clean this kind of furniture. To keep it clean you need to vacuum it regularly once or twice a week to keep the dust off. Also dusting it with a soft cloth is most essential, but do it gently so you don’t ruin the fabric.

If you have spilled over it the best way to clean it is with a damp cloth. You just get a bucket with warm water and put a mild detergent in it. Be sure to squeeze it out before you clean with it. Don’t use cheap detergent or soap to clean spills and spots because you can worsen the situation.

These were a few tips on how to deal with your new furniture but if you’re feeling tired, or just not up to it, you can use any cleaning agency London.

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