A Few Good Tips How to Maintain a Carpet Clean

If you own a carpet in your home or office then you most probably know how difficult can be its maintenance, especially if the carpet is installed in a high traffic area where a countless number of shoes walk over it all day everyday. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to protect and keep your carpet looking clean and in top shape.
One good tip that carpet cleaning St John’s Wood team suggests is to vacuum the carpet weekly, going in different directions all over the carpet so deep embedded soils to be picked up. The more often you vacuum, the less grime will settle into the fibers, which can eventually stain and discolour the carpet.
If you notice any spills on the carpet, the best thing to do is to take care of them as soon as possible, otherwise, they can stain the carpet permanently. A cloth slightly moistened with plain water should do the trick and get the spill out of your carpet. Avoid rubbing as this will only cause a bigger mess. If the stain remains, try some of the carpet cleaning solutions available on the market. There are many carpet cleaning solutions for stubborn stains and even for simple spills. Follow the instructions on the label of the cleaner and you should not have problems.
If your carpet has been installed for more than an year, and hasn’t been steam cleaned yet, do it as soon as possible. Steam cleaning will not only brighten carpet’s colours, but also will lift out any deeply embedded grime that have gotten stuck deep down into the carpet fibers, according to carpet cleaning St John’s Wood professionals. Doing this regularly will keep the magnificent look of your carpet, giving a scent of comfort in the room where the carpet is placed. Putting a door mat at front entrance so people to wipe their shoes before entering, prevents dirt and dust to be tracked into your home.

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