A Few Cleaning Tips for Kid’s Toys

You are the person, who knows best, how and where your children play with their toys. When I mention that you don’t even want to imagine it, right? Unfortunately, you can’t prevent your kid from getting dirty. That’s why you have to clean his toys, very thoroughly. As a mother, you know that you have to use only chemical free cleaning products, otherwise you will threaten your kid’s health.

Children’s play is a fun and educational for you and your kid. So, I will share with you some good toy cleaning tips.

Wooden toys. It is very important to remember, that you can’t wash them with hot water. You will damage the paint and you might break them in pieces. Gently remove any dirt with soapy warm water.

Plastic toys. You can wash them in the dishwasher. It has big water pressure, which helps the sterilization of the toys. Their cleaning is very simple, just use some dish detergent.

Kid’s pools. Yes, they are also kid toys. And I’m pretty sure, that is one of the most preferred places in your house. Before packing it, make sure that the pool is completely dry. Your children get in the pool with their dirty feet and you have to clean the mess when it’s still fresh. Otherwise you will have big difficulties.

Stuffed animals. They attract a lot of dust. So, you have to wash them more often, than the other ones. I talk about every two weeks. Wash them in the washing machine, don’t worry, you won’t cause any damages.

If you notice, that some toys may get damaged by the high temperature, wash them with soap, by hand. If it is easier for you, use a toothbrush. That way, you will clean every little dirty hole. Try to soak them for few minutes, before washing them.

Cleaners Melbourne recommend to sanitize the toys. It will be safer for your children. Because this is the key to one happy childhood.

After these tips I hope that you will include toy cleaning in your home cleaning schedule.


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