Top 8 Common Mistakes When Planning Removals London. Part 2

In the previous part you’ve discussed 4 of the most common mistakes relevant to planning, budget, paperwork and budget that you can make when you’re planning move. Do you want to find which are the rest?

5. Change in plans
Well… there is nothing wrong in changes but you have to inform your removal company London well in advance about that. Don’t do it in the last minute because you’ll be charged extra. For example, don’t tell the movers a day before your originally contractual moving date that you’ve decided to move two weeks later.
6. Neglecting kids and pets
As you know your kids and pets need lots of attention and this could be a big problem during your relocation. If you want to prevent any incidents, the best decision would be to commit your kids or pets to the charge of reliable relatives, friends or a nanny. In this way you’ll be easy in your mind for their safety, they’ll feel better and everything will go smoother.
7. Insurance issues
It’s essential to pay enough attention to this bit. There is no doubt that incidents could always happen and you can’t always be in the driving seat. All you could do is to reduce risk but do you know how to do it without increasing significantly your expenses? The simple answer is by checking do you really need an insurance. Sometimes your home insurance would cover transportation of your belongings. Of course, the opposite situation is also possible so make sure that you know exactly which is your case.
8. Overlooked details
Many people concentrate their attention only on the preparation of the relocation and overlook everything else. Don’t make their mistake and take care of all details like finding a new doctor, dentist, vet, school for the children and so on.
Many mistakes could be made during your removals London but if you plan everything carefully, there will be no problems.

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