6 Things That Are So Filthy That They Are Threatening Your Health Every Day

Everyday our fingers are in constant contact with bacteria thus accumulating it and spreading it around. And there are places were bacteria seem to concentrate more than others because of their frequent contact with our fingers. Our cell phone is one of them. Our cell phone contains thousands of germs. The warmth it generates by its use is perfect for the development of germs. It also carrying germs from your mouth and the mouths of the people you have lend it to. A regular anti-bacterial clean would be advised on your cell phone.

Your computer keyboard also contains hundreds of thousands of germs. It has also germs from foods as well as from your mouth.
But above all is money. It has been collecting germs from the fingers of people for decades. It almost never gets disinfected. Money is the perfect vehicle for bacteria to travel in order to exchange its evolution traits with its kind. Studies have shown that your average dollar bill has more than 120 thousand bacteria per square inch. That is more than the average toilet seat which has an average of 317 bacteria per square inch.

The next thing is any handles. From the shopping cart that you touch after touching money to the toilets’ door handle, handles represent a great platform of exchange for bacteria.

Another thing that is threatening you on a daily basis is light switches. It also rarely gets sanitised by cleaning services Melbourne companies and the germs tend to easily accumulate. There is on average 230 bacteria per square inch on a light switch. Next time you hire cleaning services, make sure they disinfect all your light switches as well as all your door handles.

If you are just moving in your new home, do not assume that vacate cleaning Melbourne company sanitised the whole place. It is most likely that they did not. Their main objective was to get the place looking sparkling new in order to get their client to get their bond back from their landlord. Beware of another people’s germs and beware of the carpet.

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