4 of the Dirtiest Places in Your Home

It is time for spring cleaning again! Do you wonder where to start from? Why not from the dirtiest places in your home? Do you know which are they?

Probably you think that the dirtiest thing in your house is the toilet bowl but is it true? You might be surprised but actually nothing contains more bacteria and germs than your bathtub. Do you think that when you have a shower or bath everything goes into the drain? Think again… Most professional cleaners London realize the importance of splendid bathtub and that’s why they begin exactly with it. Just follow their example – all you need is soft brush and bathroom cleaner. Easy, isn’t it?

Kitchen drain is the next place which could never be clean enough. Bits of old food stays there and create the perfect environment for germs growing. Rid out of them by ½ cup of backing soda and 1 cup of vinegar. You should pour first the backing soda into the drain and then vinegar. Leave this mixture at least for half an hour and pour plenty of hot water.

Your telephone must be also part of your cleaning list. How often do you clean it? Have you ever cleaned it? Many people don’t do it and may be you are also one of them. It is really easy to remove any dirt of it using disinfectant wipes and rubbing alcohol. Treat first with wipes and then apply some alcohol with cotton swabs. At the end dry it with soft cloth.

You don’t need cleaners London to tell you that you should disinfect and your toothbrush. You use it to clean your teeth so do you really think that it doesn’t keep some of the dirt between its bristles? If you want to disinfect it and to be sure that you won’t put some extra bacteria in your mouth, deep it for around 30 minutes in alcohol (use only concentrated, not diluted).

You always could rely on professional help for your spring cleaning but cleaning companies would give you a hand only with places which could be an issue for you. Don’t expect that somebody will come to disinfect your toothbrush. There are things which you should do yourself.

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