3 Ways to Remove Bad Odours at the End of Tenancy

Has the end of your tenancy period come again? Did you clean your lodging? You’ve cleaned it, but an awful odour is still bothering you? You’ve tried a few commercial deodorisers, but they don’t work, and you’re desperate? Keep on reading then.

Bad odours can really make your life a nightmare at the end of your tenancy period. Your landlord might refuse to recover your rental deposit because of them, and you probably don’t want that. Here is a list of three products which you can use to remove bad smells from your lodging, it was offered by the professionals from Move Out Cleaning London:

  • Take a few boxes of baking soda, open them and leave them in every room, which smells bad. Bicarbonate of soda absorbs all kinds of odours, and after a few hours your place should smell normally again. You can use cornstarch, too, if you don’t have baking soda.
  • The second method of Move Out Cleaning London professionals is a little bit risky, because it leaves an aroma, which not everybody likes. So, be aware that your landlord might not like it. Take a sauce pan and fill it up with vinegar. Put the pan on the stove and switch the appliance on. You must leave it there, until the vinegar starts boiling. Then, you have to remove it and put it in the room which smells bad. After a few hours the aroma of vinegar will block all other odours.
  • The last technique is probably the most pleasant, because it leaves a very fresh tropical scent in the place. Cut a few lemons in halves and leave a half in each room, it will make it fresh again.

These methods work pretty well, but only when the source of the odour has been removed. You may need help from the professionals and if so, visit their web page here. This is the most important part of the dealing-with-an-odour process. If you don’t remove the source of the smell, no deodorising technique or detergent will help you. And if you want to have an even better result, always ventilate before deodorising.

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