3 Tips How to Deal with Pet Hair

I am sure that your pets love you in a way that nobody can. Having pets at home is a great way to build strong family relationship. However, this connection can be easily destroyed especially if you get in a fight with your husband about who should clean up the hair, falling from your beloved four-legged friends. Did you know that if you have a really close connection with your dog or cat, this can cause a very positive impact on your health. Believe it or not, according to a survey a strong relationship with a pet can reduce your blood pressure and get you rid of depression. So, do not panic if you see that there is hair from your dogs all over the floors, take a deep breath and read the next lines where I will give you 3 effective tips how to deal with pet hair.

1. To avoid pet hair all around your home use covers. Take a few area rugs and blankets and cover the places used frequently by your four-legged friend. The blankets, rugs, mats and slip-covers will collect most of the hair. This way your carpets and furniture will remain clean. If you think that blankets, slip-covers and rugs will ruin the good look of your domestic interior, call an interior designer. You just have no idea what professional decorators can do with mats and slip-covers. To clean the rugs, blankets and mats effectively London domestic cleanersrecommend putting the affected objects in an empty clothes dryer with some fabric softener sheet for about 10 minutes. By using the tumble cycle of your dryer in a combination with some fabric softener sheet will remove most of the hair. Do not use liquid water softener for the washing of your hairy mats and rugs!

2. If you do not have a pet at home, but you want one and you do not want to deal with pet hair on your floors, carpets and furniture, then you should consider to purchase furnishings with a good resistance to hairs. For instance, tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate floors can be a perfect addition to every domestic interior. You do not need to spend a few hours a day removing the pet hair from your expensive carpets and rugs when you can easily vacuum up the hair from your beautiful vinyl floors. Another materials that are perfect for a pet-friendly home like yours are canvas, ultra suede, leather, heavy duty cotton fabric, brushed leather, top grain leather, etc.

3. The last tip I got from one of my other articles, if you want, you can check it out here. Take a large piece of packing tape and wrap it around your hand. Make sure that the tape is with its sticky side up. Now just wipe down the problematic surface with the tape. This trick is very useful when you have to deal with pet hair on clothes.

Follow the tips above and forget about the annoying pet hair around your home.

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