3 Reasons Why Your Bath Towels Smell

There are many little items in our homes, which we need to maintain our personal hygiene. Bath towels are an essential part of our everyday washing. We use these items to dry our bodies, after a bath and this is the main reason why it so important to keep them clean and sterilize. Moreover, there are various types of bath towels, coming in different colours, textures and sizes. Therefore, you need to be well informed about what it is required to take a good care of your towels, which directly reflects on the quality of your personal hygiene.

There are many householders, who ask their cleaners London why their towels smell and how they can reverse this unpleasant process. Well, the main reason why your bath towels have begun to smell is because you do not maintain them in the way you should. So, to prevent this inconvenience you will have to change some things and to take a special care of your bath towels. Therefore, here are 3 factors that can cause smelly bath towels, at your home.

1. There is a big possibility mildew to grow on your towels. For this reason, you have to check them thoroughly. On the other hand, your washing machine can contain mildew, which will “infect” your towels, too. The best thing you can do is to use a washer cleaner, once in a while, to free your washing machine from mildew. This way, there is no chance to transfer it to your bath towels and they will not smell.

2. If you use more soap than necessary, during laundry, there is a big chance to not be able to rinse the towels effectively. However, in most cases, bath towels are thick and require to be rinsed well. When this is not done properly bacteria that cause odours will appear.

3. Many cleaners in London warn their clients to not leave their laundry to stay in the washing machine, because it develops an unpleasant smell. Moreover, because of the moisture there is a big chance, mildew to grow and we already know what this means.

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