2 Common Types of Pool Spots

Do you have a pool at your home? If the answer is yes, then I envy you. Having a pool at home is a luxury that not everybody can afford, because it is related to large expenses, which people with pools in their yards make to maintain them clean and good looking. Pool stains are the biggest problem in front of every pool owner. Therefore, you need to know, which are the main types of pool spots and how to remove them easily.

Cleaners in London are often hired by home owners, who do not know how to remove stains from their pools. You may do not know, but pool spots are caused by different materials and elements that get into your pool, such as tree leaves or soil. Because of this, you have to know what type is the pool stain, which you intend to remove. However, this is not easy to diagnose what type is the spot, for one reason or another. Therefore, here are two basic sorts of pool stains, which you probably have already seen in your pool.

  1. Purple stain is not very common, but one day you can have problems with it. This type of spot is caused by hard water, including manganese. To remove purple stains, use some special sort of acid or a pH reducer powder. To avoid such stains, you have to test first the water, you fill your pool with.

  2. If you have a problem with leaves, falling from trees into the pool, then you know how black stains look like. The black pool spot appears when leaves from trees stay in the pool for a while. They colour the water and are hard to remove, especially if you do not take a proper care of your pool. To manage the situation cleaners London advise you to increase the level of chlorine in the water. However, if the spots do not disappear then the problem is not caused by the leaves and you have to ask a professional, who can tell you how to proceed in this situation.

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