10 Green Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Maintaining your kitchen is the most important chore, that you have to do. This is the place where you prepare and eat your meals, have fun with your family. It is mandatory to clean with green cleaning products, because you have to protect your family’s health and the environment, too. By using the following tips, which I will give you, you will be a great housewife.

1.Use a natural soap, instead of a harmful one. Because I’m pretty sure, that you don’t know what your dish soap contains.

2.For spills and dirt on tables and other surfaces, you can use dish washing soap and water. But if the dirt is too hard you can make a paste of backing soda and water. It will remove every stubborn stain.

3.Start to use natural dish washer detergent. You can make it by yourself. Mix ¼ cup of citric acid and 1.5 cups of borax.

4.For your wooden cutting boards you can use lemon and coarse salt. Just put the salt on the board and scrub it with the cut lemon. After that you can rinse well.

5.It is good to sanitize your sponges. Boil them, to remove the germs. Cleaners Melbourne advise to do it once per week.

6.Also, you have to sanitize food preparation surfaces, because you don’t want to spread illness. Mix water and peroxide in a bottle. Then spray it on any surface, which needs it.

7.Remove the grease from your kitchen cabinets, because they look bad. Wipe them with a damp sponge. Before that pour it in water mixed with dish soap.

8.Oven cleaning. Use backing soda to make a paste. Spread it over the walls and bottom of the oven. In the morning, scrub the dirt and rinse.

9.Clean your coffee maker. For this purpose you can use vinegar. Fill the water reservoir with vinegar and water. Let the machine run and the vinegar will remove the unnecessary things.

10.It is good to clean burned pots and pans. Soak them with paste of backing soda and water, pour it on the bottom of the pan and leave it for half an hour.

I hope that these cleaning tips are useful and you will apply them to your kitchen. If you don’t have enough time, cleaning services Melbourne have. They will do anything you want.

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